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Up Your Game: Increase your Physical and Creative Potential

  • Caveman Strong 44 pitt street cornwall Canada (map)

Highly physical, dynamic, and intuitive approaches to movement. Specializing in mobility, coordination, and perception awareness training for athletes, performing artists, and movement practitioners.


*Target less mobile or more rigid areas of body: upper back / sternum, hips, and feet

*Explore elastic power (coordinated movement, complex coordination of spirals / torsions in legs, waist, and arms), as a principle transferable to many movement training contexts

*Dilate apertures of intensity, focus, and situational complexity to test capacities*How to direct labour: self-observation and practical problem solving through partner based work.

Content will be explored by means task and partner based exercises, and supported by discussion throughout. Some Fighting Monkey movement situations will be offered, specifically, FM practice ball work and principles of how lower body capacity influences kinetic potential.