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Mastering the SPLITS and BRIDGE

  • Caveman Strong 44 Pitt street Cornwall, Ontario Canada (map)

This workshop will give you the information as well as the tools you need to develop your front splits, middle splits, full bridge, and as a byproduct of the work presented – an ass to grass squat. The first half of this workshop will focus on developing the strength and flexibility required for both middle splits and front splits. By working towards these positions, participants are stretching and strengthening most of the musculature surrounding the hips and lower body while also putting themselves on the path towards full splits. The core concepts specific to isometric, active, ballistic, and dynamic stretching as well as my principles on breathing will be thoroughly covered and experienced. The second half will focus on developing a safe and proper full bridge, limbers, and walk-overs. While the bridge is a great feat of flexibility, it is often not the greatest tool for actually developing the bridge. The focus will be on mobilizing and strengthening the thoracic spine, shoulders, lats, and the hip flexors through dynamic and active isometric stretching protocols. We will also cover how to cue the thoracic spine properly to avoid ever having the stretch go into the lower back as well as various spinal undulations for increased awareness and mobility. Participants can expect to also learn how to program bridge work into their routine as well as my personal take on engaging the parasympathetic nervous system through breath work in order to progress further and calm down any fight or flight response we may feel when moving into backbends. Only a basic level of flexibility is required as Rob has proven through his work and his students that exceptional flexibility is attainable for individuals of all ages and levels with all kinds of different training backgrounds. We’re not only getting flexible, we’re building strength and comfort at these extreme ranges of motion. A result of following the information and work presented in the workshop will lead to the ability to drop down into full splits cold, as well as a significant improvement in the bridge, squat position, active leg extensions, high kicks, and much more.

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