Home workouts

Workout #1

Wolf stretch x5/s

Scapular Pushups x10

Inch worms x5

Jumping Jax x20

4 sets

Every minute on the minute do:

10 jump squats

10 rock climbers


Plank Hold 45 seconds

Horse stance hold 45 seconds

Rest 30

5 sets

walk/run 20 mins

Workout #2

Inch worms x5

Cat cows x20

T spine twist (hand and knees) x10/s

Jumping Jax 20

4 sets

Burpess x 10

Tuck ups x15

Jumping or walking lunges x20

5 sets

Side plank 30/s

Arch body hold x20s

5 sets

walk/ run 20mins

Josee Filion