Vince Gironda Wave

Goal of plan: 

To BUILD muscle AND to BURN fat. 

1980 to present - bodybuilders and gym goers believe in a high carb, moderate protein, low fat style of eating. Put on ‘weight’ then cut the fat. This plan has you doing nothing like that. This plan will have you choosing between 1) extreme fat loss (maximum definition diet) 2) low carb (high protein/high fat) low glycemic carbs 3) balanced eating - paleo type diet. 

Now this all depends on where you’re currently at? 

What do you want for your body? What do you need? 

Animal fat: fats are essential for digesting protein, fats provide a cleaner energy source than carbohydrate, fats slow digestion and satisfy longer, fats manufacture hormones. 

Animal protein: protein builds muscle, eggs, beef, chicken, fish and lots of them. 


Training plan: 6 weeks 

3 cycles of: 8x8 (2 weeks), 6x6 (2 weeks), 4x12 (2 weeks) 

4 sessions per week: 

Day 1 - front squat / chin-up/ring row / kick stand dl / lateral raises 

Day 2 - split squat / good mornings / leg raises / bench press 

Day 3 - back squat / barbell row / rdl / lunge press

Day 4 - bss / barbell curl / floor press / T’s and Y’s 

Wednesday and Saturday will be AF and KB work

Each session will utilize one main exercise per main muscle group. 

All of this seems like a bodybuilding plan and.. it is!! Lol 

That being said we are doing it our way. A mix of old wisdom aka ‘Vince Gironda’ and proper movement selection.  The goal to create functional human beings who look and feel good. 



Day 1 -

Structural: Kneeling Hip Extension x 5 / Dislocate x 10 / Ankle Pulses x 10/side - 3 sets


Front Squat & Chinup 8x8

Kick Stand Deadlift & Lateral Raises 8x8

Conditioning: Burpee x 10 / Tuck up x 10 / Squat Jump x 10 - 3 rounds

Josee Filion