Monday - Saturday

Monday - Saturday

Our very dearest Elaine Heath passed away this past weekend. Elaine has been with us for nearly 10 years and there is no doubt she will be with us always. This woman loved the gym. We could all learn from such a beautiful soul how to embrace life, health, fitness, growth, strength, and community. I personally was very close with her. (I know I know, we all were!). The gym was very important to Elaine. She learned how to take charge of her health, fight for her health, and reclaim her health. Just a mere 3 months ago she was boxing and training 5-7 times a week. The cycle goes on. She is needed elsewhere.

There will be a celebration of life for Elaine and anyone looking to come please do so. We will let you know soon.

Train a little harder this week for Elaine. Appreciate your health and be grateful that you have it. You never know.

Big LOVE to you Elaine!!




Overhead Wall Squat x 10 / Shoulder taps x 10/s / Tuck ups x 10 - 5 sets


Get Up 6x1/s with Pushups 6xMAX


(From my session today here in Costa Rica)

Rock climbers x 30sec / Jump Squats x 30sec - 10 minutes



Bear crawl / frog hop / walking lunge / Figure 8’s with a KB x 10/side - 3 sets


Back Squat 5x5 / Ring Row 5x10 / Farmer’s Carry


Skip 2/3/2/3/2



Squat Rotation x 10 / Dislocate x 10 / Oblique Twist x 10/side - 5 sets


Barbell Press 4x10 / Barbell Row 4x10 / Deadlift 4x4


20-15-10-5 of Ball slams and Burpees



Foot Balance x 60/side - 3 sets (in between sets do 10 slow squats)


Straddle Press 5x5 / Single leg deadlift 5x5/side / Chinup or ring row 5x5-15


Skip 1 minute / Rock climbers x 45sec / rest 15sec - 10 minutes

Friday - Meathead special

  1. Warmup

  2. Bench press 6x6 / Goblet Squat 6x6

  3. Skull Crushers 4x10 / Bicep Curl 4x10

  4. Hanging leg raises 3x15 / Bicycle Crunch 3x50 / Pushups 3xMax


Oly Workout!!

Snatch Complex: SN DL/SN PULL/PW SN x 12 reps (4 of each) (5 sets)

Behind the neck press x 5 reps TO Overhead Squat x 5 reps (5 sets)

Front Squat 7x3

Skip 2/2/2

Josee Filion