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For those of you new to the gym (or old) here is a brief explanation of what a ‘wave’ is at the gym.

A ‘wave’ is a particular focus for a specific amount of time. Usually 3-8 weeks is the common length of a wave. This wave is 6 weeks long and has a strength bias. The overall CavemanStrong program has a main underlying focus of movement and mobility for each and every joint of the body. People coming to the gym 4-6 times per week are always improving across many spectrums: strength, mobility, power, speed, coordination, movement literacy or movement I.Q, etc.

The purpose of 'the ‘wave’ helps to promote commitment and focus through something the person can measure over a specific amount of time. An example would be ‘BACK SQUATS’ every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for 6 weeks. As long as we always make it about movement and mobility we can alternate the focus constantly in order to create more buzz, more commitment, more motivation, and better adherence to the program and thus your very own goals and results. REMEMBER, THIS IS WHY YOU GO TO THE GYM.


After a few months of conditioning sessions going down each day we will focus a little more on strength work and a little less on conditioning.

Monday, Wednesday and Friday will have more of a ‘Meathead Friday’ kind of feel and Tuesday and Thursdays will be heavier on Movement, Mobility, and Conditioning.

To really hit this wave out of the park one would want to eat lots of protein and make it to the gym 4-6 times a week. If you’re a ‘3 week’r’ then try to get at least 2 strength sessions in per week during this wave.

Mondays and Fridays: Warmup / 1. Back Squat / One arm row 2. Bulgarian Split Squat / Dumbbell Lateral Raises 3. Deadlifts / Bicep Curls and Tricep work 4. ABS

Wednesdays: Similar template to M and F with Kettlebells, clubs, and maces.

Tuesday and Thursday: Warmup / 1. Crawls 2. Bodyweight work 3. Hard Conditioning session


  1. Eat a good amount of protein every day especially on heavier training days.

  2. Eat Good quality carbs like Veggies, some fruits, and rice.

  3. Choose only the best fats.

  4. SHOW UP at least 3 times a week. The sweet spot is 4-6.

  5. Know your numbers!! Write them in your phone or journal. Each week should have you progressing. Without writing things down you will be guessing.

  6. Ask a million questions if need be. That’s what we are there for :)


  1. Warm up

  2. Back Squat x 10 / One arm Row x 12/s - 4 sets

  3. Bulgarian S.S 10/side / Dumbbell Tri-set (Front Raise, Lateral raise, Bent over Lateral raise) x 10 of each for 30 reps - 3 sets

  4. Deadlifts x 4 / Barbell Curl x 12 / Tricep Close grip Bench press x 8 - 3-4 sets

  5. 100 Russian Twists

Josee Filion