Friday August 31st


BIG BIG THANK YOU to Kylie and Abbie.  

They have both worked so hard the past few weeks despite Abbie starting school full time and Kylie being extremely busy helping many with Nutrition.  You wouldn't of noticed because they showed up and gave their all  to our members.  THANK YOU! 

NO class Saturday September 1st and Monday September 3rd.  Enjoy the last long weekend of summer.  

Tyler will be back teaching classes on Tuesday September 4th.  


Gymnast stretch x10

Kneeling hip stretch x10

Wolf stretch x10/s

Quadruped Tspine x10/s

Active hang x10

4 sets


EMOM 10min

Double KB clean and press x 4




Straddle/pike pulls x10 (hold 10 on the last rep)

Josee Filion