Monday (New Wave)

Monday (New Wave)

We will start with three basic club skills in this next wave.

1) Side Pendulum Swing

2) One arm Swing

3) T-Spine twist

Handstand: It's been a while so we've decided to check in with some basic gymnastics work with HS emphasis. Remember what makes our program different is our ability to scale any exercise for any level. Listen to your coach and put the work in. 

Overhead Squat / Back Squat / Front Squat: We will do basic rotation of these three squats in this wave also. 

Lastly, Sprints and sprinting technique will finish off this great lineup!!

Day 1 (Monday)


First knuckle x 10 / Jefferson Curl x 5 / Torch Pushup x 10 / Cossack x 20 - 3 sets 


Angry cat shoulder taps x 20 / Tuck Jumps x 15 / Hollow rocks x 10 - 4 sets 


Overhead Squat 6x4

Ring Row 6x10


To the lights and back x 2 (rest 2 minutes in between)


Josee Filion