Tuesday July 3rd



New wave: The most successful part of the last wave? The conditioning! We moved the conditioning in order to pump people up, make them accountable, and build the energy of the group. Oh and if you want to be healthy and burn fat - you need to put the work in .
Our next wave will keep this momentum and only add to it. We plan on doing a food lecture and challenge as well. Stay tuned.

THE NEW WAVE, it will be 4 weeks. The focus will be ‘unilateral’ strength work or ‘single limb’ work. The conditioning work will be varied with the exception of two kettlebell circuits (death circuits) that will happen every Monday and Thursday. The purpose behind these kb circuits is to monitor your output in order to witness your incredible improvements over the course of the month.

KB circuit

3 min on / 1 min off
2 arm swing x 30s
ATB pass x 30s
Thruster x 30s
2 arm swing x 30s
Single arm press x 30s
Goblet squat x 30s
Rest 1 min

2 hand clean and press x 15 reps
1 arm swing x 15 reps
2 hand clean and walking lunge x 15 reps
Then 10 and then 5..



Foot balance x 60sec/side
Jefferson curl x 8
Scap push-up x 8
3 sets

GST conditioning:

Hanging leg raise x 15
Jump squats x 10
Pushups x 5
8 rounds


Bulgarian split squat 4x10/side
Overhead carry



Josee Filion