FRIDAY November 2nd (237 Water Street)

The NEW Gym opens tomorrow AM!! We are super pumped to deliver this new custom made space. The space is specific to our philosophy in regards to the direction of Movement. The space IS the philosophy and direction of the program. Each implement you see is there for a very specific reason. In a ‘fitness world’ with a million different approaches and a billion different ‘tools’ to choose from; our community can rest easy knowing they are using only what is best in regards to moving well, functioning well, reducing or eliminating pain, and making progress year after year (like most of our clientele). Emphasizing certain ‘things’ like boxing or barbells or both is due to a deep understanding as to what is important and needed for us as ‘non-functioning’ people to function at a very high level. We hope you enjoy the new gym.

Always we are grateful to our amazing clients for their loyal support - many thanks.

Lastly, a massive shout out to all the helpers! Serious team effort! We could not have done it without a single one of you. Big thanks.



3 x2min skipping 45min rest


Kneeling hip extension x10

Dynamic Scorpion x5/s


KB Snatch x5/s

Around the body pass 10/s

Jump Squat x10

7 sets


KB Front Squat 4x10

with Pushups 4x3-10

Josee Filion